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All-Purpose Surface Cleaner - Fresh Lavender
All-Purpose Surface Cleaner - Fresh Lavender

All-Purpose Surface Cleaner - Fresh Lavender

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Our All-Purpose Surface Cleaner 32 oz packs a punch with 5% Citric Acid to get your surfaces clean and sanitized! This product has the same 5% Citric Acid effective ingredient as many products currently on the market. Compare to Method Antibac.

Gently scented with lavender, this powerful cleaner will have your home smelling fresh and clean, naturally.

For more information about Citric Acid as an effective Active Ingredient, check out this link from the EPA:


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
This is the best cleaner!

I've used many cleaners made with non-chemical products and this one is my favorite. It works really well and leaves a lovely lavender scent after you use it. I'm going to stop making my own cleaners and stock up on this one!

The best natural cleaner

Great aroma, and great cleaning power~ Would definitely buy again!

All Purpose Surface Cleaner-Lavender

Wonder light scent of Lavender. I love this! I use it on everything!! Great product!!

Lavender Cleaner

I really do love this cleaner. The smell is great and lasts a long time. It works just as well as any harsh chemical cleaner for light jobs (wiping down the counters, bathroom, etc). The jug that it comes in is easy to pour into a bucket, dilute with some water and voila! You have a great mopping mix. I'm not giving it 5 stars because I definitely don't reccomend cleaning glass with it (leaves the surface murky and sticky). I wish it came in a spray bottle as well. I also wish the packaging had some helpful hints on how to use and what it's safe for. Overall though a great product and will definitely be buying more!