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Take your Bath to a New Level with our Hemp Bath Bombs

Lei'd Back - Plumeria Hemp Bath Bomb


Nowadays you hear a lot about hemp CBD and how it’s the latest natural healing ingredient to help with relaxation and pain management. There are hemp CBD gummies and tinctures and all sorts of variations of edible and topical products from which to choose and even Hemp Bath Bombs! And what the heck is Hemp Bath Bombs you ask? Is that really a thing? Does that really work? Yes, Hemp Bath Bombs are really a thing and Joyful Bath Co. Hemp Bath Bombs are everything you could ask for and more!


Back In 2018, when hemp CBD started becoming a popular ingredient, Joyful Bath Co. developed a hemp CBD bath bomb utilizing a range of therapeutic ingredients including Epsom salt and coconut oil. After creating our first small batch, our Team tested their efficacy by soaking them in the tub (not all together-lol). We were surprisingly hooked on the experience of relaxation and relief especially since we had low expectations due to all the CBD market hype. In fact, Rochel Roland, the founder, and CEO of Joyful Bath Co, who is normally a 30-minute soaker, ended up soaking for 55 minutes without any awareness of the time! When she got out of the tub, she said her body felt like a noodle and she ended up so relaxed she started organizing her jewelry!


Our Hemp Bath Bombs are made with pure CBD isolate that allows us consistent results in our production and an effective healing experience from soaking in the tub. We don’t use CBD oil for many reasons; it’s green, smells hempy, and only contains 7-15% CBD with other turpenes and compounds making up the whole. We use 35 mg of CBD isolate in each of our Hemp Bath Bombs. It has no smell, is clean, and contains no THC. All the CBD isolate we use is extracted from the US-grown organic hemp. We have certificates of analysis showing testing for everything from heavy metals to pesticides so we can be sure we’re providing you with only the healthiest ingredients.


When we first launched our Hemp Bath Bombs, we started with three soothing scents- Plumeria, Coconut Lime, and Lavender. Wrapped just like our non-hemp bath bombs with a cute reusable hair tie, our Hemp Bath Bombs are not only therapeutic but also make great gifts! They have become so popular with our customers that we now have 10 scents and retailers across the country have added them to their shelves. Our Hemp Bath Bombs are even sold at pharmacies as well as our Hemp Bath Salts and Hemp Balm.


Since we’re all about pleasing our customers and we’re very innovative when we heard that some customers were breaking apart their Hemp Bath Bombs to get more than one bath; we came up with the Hemp Break-Apart Bath Bomb! Each unit has 6 cubes that you break-apart and pushes out just like an ice cube tray. You can use one or two cubes for a mani or pedi or three to six cubes for bath soaking. Like our Hemp Bath Bombs, the complete unit contains 35 mg of hemp CBD isolate with each cube containing approximately 5.8 mg depending on how you break it.




Our Hemp product line is now made up of 10 scents of Hemp Bath Bombs, 6 scents of Hemp Break-Apart Bath Bombs, 4 scents of Hemp Bath Salts, and 5 sizes of Hemp Balm. We recently added a Face Balm for hydrating and healing, and we also have a Pet Balm to help dogs and cats with skincare and calming.


Joyful Bath Co started in 2008, was founded with the mission of providing natural handmade bath and body care for sensitive skin and noses. Handmade with healing ingredients from the land and sea, our products have been sold in retail stores that uphold the most stringent natural ingredient requirements. From the simple joy of bathing, you can feel good, unwind and get clean. We are thrilled to be able to offer people products that they can trust. Our products not only contain the best healing ingredients, but they also don’t leave a mess in the tub. There are no dyes and no pieces of flowers or anything that can clog the tub. We’re proud of how far we’ve come. Starting with 6 scents of bath salts and soaps, we now produce bath bombs, shower steamers, soaps, face masks, soy candles, room and body mist, and more; in a myriad of scents to delight your senses!