Bath Mixology Guide

Bath Mixology Guide


Straight up or mixed, you create your own perfect bath! Explore your bath personality by combining

our luxurious bath salts and soaps for a variety of bathing experiences.


  Now that’s a lot of joy!


Try these delightful mixes:

Refreshing & Renewing
Recharging & Relaxing
Renewing & Recharging
Refreshing & Relaxing
Recharging & Refreshing
Releasing & Refreshing
Relieving & Releasing
Relaxing & Renewing
Releasing & Refreshing
Renewing & Releasing

Use 1/2 lid to lid full of each bath salt. Mix & match two or three. Have fun!


Share your story about your favorite mixes and if it’s published in our Bath Blog, we’ll send you a free Did you take a bath today? t-shirt making you an official Certified Bath Person–and that’s pretty special in our book!