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Bathday ® Dog Paw Soak

We love your dog too!

Oats and aloe soother and relieve dog’s itchy and irritated paws. Hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. This pure and natural dog paw soak is sure to be dog’s best friend.


Shake well before using. Place 3-4 tablespoons in tub filled to cover paws. Soak five minutes.


Hint: Soak your dog’s paws while you’re giving them a bath! Lather them with our Natural Dog Soap for the perfect Bathday!


Available in 9 oz. e 255 g glass jar.


Oh so good natural ingredients:  Epsom salt, colloidal oats, organic aloe vera powder, silica.


Handmade and preservative-free. No perfumes or dyes, No SLS or parabens.


For International Customers