We’d like to help you feel good, unwind and get clean with the simple joy of bathing!

Hi, I’m Rochel Roland, Chief Bath Mixologist and founder of Joyful Bath Co. Taking a bath is one of my favorite things to do along with short track speed skating, walking my dog, eating, sleeping and concocting. I have always had a passion for organic, tactile processes–makes me feel alive and good inside.


In kindergarten I collected rocks, leaves and other treasures in a Band-Aid tin and used my cool metal chemistry kit to see what I could create. As I got older, I traded in my chemistry set for a camera and nurtured a passion for photography. I was amazed by the process of mixing the chemicals and watching the images appear on paper, seemingly out of nowhere. And as an art major in college, I created sculptures using clays and glazes that I made from spending hours testing various combinations of clays and minerals, some that I dug from the earth myself.


After graduation I started my professional photography career, but ten years later, I still longed to mix and create, and at night pursued a Masters in agronomy—soil science—the study of the clays, minerals and elements found in soil. During that time I started every morning with one of my favorite things, a bath. Unhappy with the bath products I found on the market, made with too much fragrance, oily residue and filled with unnatural chemicals, it came to me…why not mix clean, organic salts and essential oils and make my own bath potions?
So after an enjoyable twenty-year career in the advertising and corporate photo biz, I took my passion for mixing and creating, my love of baths and my experience in business and combined them all into the ultimate concoction—and the Joyful Bath Co. came to be.