Chief Bath Mixologist

We’d like to help you feel good, unwind and get clean with the simple joy of bathing!

Hi, I’m Rochel Roland, Chief Bath Mixologist and founder of Joyful Bath Co. My story is simple, I love baths! Taking a bath helps me feel good, unwind and, of course, get clean. Since childhood I’ve had a passion for concocting – collecting dirt and rocks on the playground to experimenting with my chemistry set; moving on to mixing and testing clays and minerals for ceramics and soil science.


Unhappy with the bath products I found on the market, made with too much fragrance, oily residue and filled with unnatural chemicals, it came to me…why not mix clean, organic salts and essential oils and make my own bath potions? And the Joyful Bath Co. came to be.


Whether a long soak in the tub or a hot steamy shower, there’s a simple joy in bathing. Our mission is to help you get the most joy by offering natural bath products full of healthy healing ingredients.