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This is Why

Joyful Bath Co. was created to offer natural bath product that promote the simple joys of life and with emails like this shown below, we know we’re doing our job well. This is why we do what we do.


"I can not thank you enough for my green tea glee soap.  I have it sitting in my soap dish and my bathroom smells so great, and I haven’t even used it yet!  I have muscular dystrophy and am homebound, so I spend my time most days on the computer, trying to win prizes or obtain free product coupons to get something in the mail other than bills and advertisements.  I have a small social security income so a soap from you is a wonderful treat and is very much appreciated.  I am totally delighted with the strong scent and wish candles and diffusers could smell as nice as this soap does.


I will post a thank you on twitter and facebook for others to read, but wanted to express my gratitude to you this way.

Thank you again for doing the twitter giveaway on Wednesdays and I hope your company and products do well."



Bath Couple

Here’s an excerpt from an email I received from a customer who has been placing many orders this holiday season. She’s going to have a lot of happy friends and family! And it sounds like a couple that bathes together, stays together!


"My husband and I used to spend a lot of time in the tub, eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and talking about all things important.  We still do that ritual every night, in the tub, but without the ice cream.  Our friends, unable to get us to answer the door in the early years of our marriage, used to think it funny to leave us extravagant tub toys on the porch."


Ice Ice Baby

Guest Post by Bonnie Gartley aka @bonniegartley on Twitter! 




My friends think I’m crazy going for run long runs week after week. Well, okay let’s be really honest. I am crazy. I run marathons, and I’m a musician. It’s a whole lot of fun though, and I have a little secret that helps me do it all, the ice bath!


I know, sounds as appealing as watching paint dry right? I thought the same thing the first time one of my Team in Training coaches told me to go home and take an ice bath.


It was a rotten run! I had just gotten new shoes and had been improperly sized with 9 1/2s, a half size smaller than I usually wear my running shoes. I was 13 miles into a 16-mile training run and just stopped. My feet hurt, I was in a rotten mood, and I didn’t think I could take another step. So, one of the coaches told me to take an ice bath. I really wish I had listened, but I thought it sounded crazy. Who in their right mind takes an ice bath on purpose? Um… So remember I said I was a little crazy


Flash forward two years. I’m a better runner, and I have learned the value in the ice bath. It’s all about how you recover! No mater how far you run you’re legs and feet are taking a pounding. In fact your muscles have a lot of microscopic tears after a running workout (but don’t worry! They heal in your recovery and get stronger!). You might also notice that your feet swell a bit while you’re running, especially in the summer.


Enter the ice bath! The best way to help your muscles recover and reduce inflammation is ice, and since it’s hard to find an ice pack or a package of frozen peas to cover two entire legs it’s all about the ice bath!


Still a little nervous? Here are a few tips:


     - Start with lukewarm water. It only helps if you get in the bath…


     - Once you’re in you can start turning the hot water down


     - You only need to fill the tub up to your hips, which is why I keep a shirt on so that I don’t get too cold. It’s not about lowering your core temperature.      It’s about recovery


     - Once you get the water level to where you want it start to add ice a little at a time. The amount is your choice. Personally I like two 10lb bags of ice, but to start just try whatever your ice maker can do and then find what works best (I have one former coach who likes four 10lb bags of ice…)


     - You only need to stay in the ice bath 10-15 minutes. I usually like a nice hot cup of coffee, and a magazine or book. Some friends enjoy a glass of wine or a beer. It’s your choice


     - For a little extra recovery I like adding Joyful Bath Co’s Ginger Snap bath salts. They smell amazing, have lots of good stuff for your skin and muscles in them, and well, they rock! Seriously, it’s like heaven in a bath!


    Bonnie is a freelance violinist and violin teacher in Atlanta. An active runner, she’s completed 4 marathons, 3 ½ marathons, and a bunch of 10ks and 5ks. Currently she’s training for the Chicago Marathon with Team in Training in between practicing, and performing.


    Shhh Bathday

    Here’s a photo shared with us from one of our Twitter #bathday winners @SewIntoEwe. Included with all orders is a handy dandy door hanger!



    Sue A. James

    Sue James, sports nutritionist and customer, wrote to me recently to let me know she had passed along some cornstarch packing peanuts from her Joyful Bath Co. order. She thought that a friend’s children-5 and 3 year old plus a baby-would have fun watching the cornstarch peanuts dissolve in the water as they took their baths.


    I love hearing about how people are enjoying and using the cornstarch peanuts. It makes me feel good, that besides leaving no footprint, our cornstarch packing peanuts are getting many children who are stubborn about taking their bath, to be excited about jumping in the tub!


    Check out Sue A. James, Pinnacle Health & Wellness, LLC business website to find out about her sports nutrition business. She taught me how to eat to keep up with the calories burned from my demanding short track speedskating training schedule. Sue also helps keep pro sports teams eating right and makes really delicious ginger cookies!


    Tayyyy15, CBP

    We first met @Tayyyy15 on twitter when she won one of our #bathday games. Later we had the chance to meet IRL (in real life) at one of our holiday gift shows. What a great surprise to see her wonderful video review of Joyful Bath Co. bath salts. Check it out! @Tayyyy15 is definitely a Certified Bath Person (CBP)!



    Thinking Green

    In everything we do, we stop and think, how we can do it better–better for our customers and better for the world. I actually get a lot of great ideas while in the tub! (Go figure!)


    We make sure all our packaging, shipping and printed materials are as eco-friendly as they can be. All our paper is 100% post consumer recycled stock and we LOVE our cornstarch packing peanuts!


    Around the office we recycle all of our office paper, think twice about printing emails and turn off the lights just like mom used to ask us to do.


    We’re open to ideas our customers may have to help us do anything better, so please feel free to email me at:




    Curly is pretty famous around the National Naval Medical Center. Everyone knows Curly! He always makes sure he stops by to say hello and have some fun. Last time I was there, he bought some Mellow Yellow to use as a foot soak and I told him I wanted a full report next time I was there as a vendor.


    This morning he told me how much he loves the Mellow Yellow. And today he became our official Mellow Yellow Relieving Bath Salts poster child! Here’s Curly in his superstar pose ready to buy another jar. If you don’t know Curly, you should.


    Sprained Ankle


    Here’s a letter from Tiza Garrett–Ventura, CA–who received a Bath Variety Six Pack from her father:


    "I wanted to let you know that recently we put your bath salts to use for soaking an injured ankle. We aren’t big bath people but, when someone suggested soaking the ankle in Epsom salts to quicken recovery, well, I thought of your bath salts.


    My son, Jordan, had the twisted ankle (doing fine, thanks), and I noticed he especially liked the Ginger Snap mix. He specifically asked about it’s ingredients and commented a couple times on its aroma. Each day he’d get out a metal wash bucket, fill it with hot water and try a different mix.


    Thought we’d give you some customer feed-back on another use for your wonderful salts. Thanks again."