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We love Mustard Seed

We can’t say enough about the health benefits of mustard seed – a key ingredient in our Mellow Yellow bath salts and soap! Here’s an interesting article discussing all the goodness of mustard seed from India’s largest beauty network – 



Thyme for Acne

Thyme is now being "rediscovered" by modern medicine as a great herbal remedy for skincare. A Leeds Metropolitan University recently published a clinical study that revealed thyme as an effective remedy for acne. And unlike other acne medicines it doesn’t dry and irritate your skin.


Guess what? Joyful Bath Co. already knew that! That’s why we included it as an important active ingredient in our Mellow Yellow Relieving Bath Soap and Salts. Joyful Bath Co. soaps are gentle for the face and whole body. Our bath salts cleanse and detoxify. So go ahead and find out for yourself!


Thinking Green

In everything we do, we stop and think, how we can do it better–better for our customers and better for the world. I actually get a lot of great ideas while in the tub! (Go figure!)


We make sure all our packaging, shipping and printed materials are as eco-friendly as they can be. All our paper is 100% post consumer recycled stock and we LOVE our cornstarch packing peanuts!


Around the office we recycle all of our office paper, think twice about printing emails and turn off the lights just like mom used to ask us to do.


We’re open to ideas our customers may have to help us do anything better, so please feel free to email me at:

World Bank MMMF Scholarships



Joyful Bath Co. will be at the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund International Arts & Crafts Fair. The proceeds from this event help women in developing countries. If you’re in DC, please stop in and say hello. It’s a great time to start your holiday shopping with a lot of unique gifts and sales benefit a good cause!


Fair Trade


What makes business Fair Trade? My friend, Jacqueline DeCarlo and I love to banter about this subject. I keep trying to convince her that Joyful Bath Co. meets the criteria of a Fair Trade business. We’re a small "cottage" business–we have an office in Bethesda but part of our operations spill over into my house. We often hire neighborhood moms and their teenage kids to help with various production, we pay fair wages and are socially responsible with eco-friendly, hand-made products. Doesn’t this sound like Fair Trade to you?


Jackie says, "No" and since she’s an expert on Fair Trade, she always wins the debate! After all, she’s written a book titled, "Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide" (you can buy it on Amazon) and she travels across the country and around the world speaking on Fair Trade and working with Fair Trade businesses. Her latest blog post offers some valuable points about Fair Trade and asks the question, "What Makes Business Fair Trade?" Check it out.


Hippo Water Roller is distributing Hippo Water Rollers (pictured above) to developing countries throughout the world to provide a more efficient, safer way to transport water. Click here to find out how you can donate today–one Hippo Roller costs $100.00