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We Love Real Vanilla!

Check out this article at about vanilla versus vanillin. Did you know we use real vanilla in our ‘Nilla Buttermilk bath salts and soap?



Benefits of Taking a Bath

Five Benefits of Taking a Hot Bath—Soak 10 minutes, or more if you’d like!

1. Helps relax muscles—Take a hot bath with mineral-rich bath salts containing Dead Sea and/or Epsom salts, not just sea salt. The magnesium, sulfate and potassium in Dead Sea and Epsom salts are absorbed through the skin and help reduce inflammation that causes sore and stiff muscles. The hot water warms your muscles helping them loosen and relax.
2. Provides aromatherapy—Using a natural bath product scented with pure essential oils helps you relax, uplift mood or recharge depending on the specific essential oil. Products scented with “fragrance” or ”perfume” contain synthetic fragrance and don’t provide this aromatherapy benefit. Lavender essential oil and real vanilla are calming and relaxing scents. Grapefruit and peppermint essential oils help uplift your mood.
3.  Helps promote a good night’s sleep—After you take a hot bath, your body temperature drops helping to prepare you for the sleep state.  Body temperature is lower when sleeping so creating that “sleep signal” can help promote a good night’s sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you manage stress and stay healthy. Natural bath salts that contain lavender essential oil or real vanilla are calming and relaxing.
4.  Helps release toxins caused by stress, etc—Fill the tub only half way with water, enough to cover your sides when you lie back in the tub. Your belly, chest and top of legs will be exposed to the air. Skin breathes so your pores, uncovered by water and opened from the heat, can release toxins helping you maintain general wellness. Natural bath salts that contain ginger root powder or ground yellow mustard seed in addition to Dead Sea, Epsom and sea salts are especially good for detoxing.
5. Provides quiet, meditative time—Taking a hot bath takes you to a place away from your To-Do list. Slide down into the tub and take deep breaths, breathing in and out slowly to the count of three. Three counts in, three counts out, repeat a few times. Let you mind and body rest.
Note:  Best to use all natural products in your bath. Products that contain synthetic fragrance, perfume or bubbles can irritate and throw off a woman’s “feminine balance”.  Use products that contain salts since they are naturally anti-bacterial and typically aren’t irritating.

Detoxify with Mellow Yellow


Mellow Yellow ® is the perfect bath for winter weather! One of the key therapeutic ingredients is ground yellow mustard seed which is known to stimulate sweat glands, open pores and increase circulation helping to remove toxins from the body and relieve muscle and joint ache. So nice and warming, you’ll just want to crawl out of the tub and into your cozy, comfy bed!


Ice Ice Baby

Guest Post by Bonnie Gartley aka @bonniegartley on Twitter! 




My friends think I’m crazy going for run long runs week after week. Well, okay let’s be really honest. I am crazy. I run marathons, and I’m a musician. It’s a whole lot of fun though, and I have a little secret that helps me do it all, the ice bath!


I know, sounds as appealing as watching paint dry right? I thought the same thing the first time one of my Team in Training coaches told me to go home and take an ice bath.


It was a rotten run! I had just gotten new shoes and had been improperly sized with 9 1/2s, a half size smaller than I usually wear my running shoes. I was 13 miles into a 16-mile training run and just stopped. My feet hurt, I was in a rotten mood, and I didn’t think I could take another step. So, one of the coaches told me to take an ice bath. I really wish I had listened, but I thought it sounded crazy. Who in their right mind takes an ice bath on purpose? Um… So remember I said I was a little crazy


Flash forward two years. I’m a better runner, and I have learned the value in the ice bath. It’s all about how you recover! No mater how far you run you’re legs and feet are taking a pounding. In fact your muscles have a lot of microscopic tears after a running workout (but don’t worry! They heal in your recovery and get stronger!). You might also notice that your feet swell a bit while you’re running, especially in the summer.


Enter the ice bath! The best way to help your muscles recover and reduce inflammation is ice, and since it’s hard to find an ice pack or a package of frozen peas to cover two entire legs it’s all about the ice bath!


Still a little nervous? Here are a few tips:


     - Start with lukewarm water. It only helps if you get in the bath…


     - Once you’re in you can start turning the hot water down


     - You only need to fill the tub up to your hips, which is why I keep a shirt on so that I don’t get too cold. It’s not about lowering your core temperature.      It’s about recovery


     - Once you get the water level to where you want it start to add ice a little at a time. The amount is your choice. Personally I like two 10lb bags of ice, but to start just try whatever your ice maker can do and then find what works best (I have one former coach who likes four 10lb bags of ice…)


     - You only need to stay in the ice bath 10-15 minutes. I usually like a nice hot cup of coffee, and a magazine or book. Some friends enjoy a glass of wine or a beer. It’s your choice


     - For a little extra recovery I like adding Joyful Bath Co’s Ginger Snap bath salts. They smell amazing, have lots of good stuff for your skin and muscles in them, and well, they rock! Seriously, it’s like heaven in a bath!


    Bonnie is a freelance violinist and violin teacher in Atlanta. An active runner, she’s completed 4 marathons, 3 ½ marathons, and a bunch of 10ks and 5ks. Currently she’s training for the Chicago Marathon with Team in Training in between practicing, and performing.


    Air Tubs

    A new trend in bathtubs and a frog in your tub!? Read more from the Washington Examiner.

    Cornstarch Peanuts

    Check out this video from @ivannawin from twitter. She won our bath salts on #bathday and liked Oatsy Floatsie Relaxing Bath Salts so much she ordered a large jar! When she received her package she created this video showing the cornstarch packing peanuts that we use to ship our bath salts.


    We include a slip in every order that suggest you add them to your bath with or without our bath salts. They’re all natural, puffed cornstarch. Cornstarch is great for softening your skin and relieving itch. Try it! Good for you, good for the environment!



    Walk-in Bathtub



    One day I saw a TV commercial for a walk-in bathtub and it made me curious to find out more. Of course, my first thought was wondering how the heck it keeps water from leaking out and flooding your bathroom! I was more excited though about how such a tub could allow more people who love baths the access to soak in the tub. Along the way, I’ve heard from older folks and those who have physical challenges, that they would love to take a bath if only they could get in and out of the tub. And being the bath person that I am, I cringed at the idea of not being able to take a bath.


    What I have discovered is amazing! They have all sorts of walk-in bathtubs and they really do work! This one pictured above is especially great since it fits into a small shower stall area where you normally couldn’t fit a tub and it has a whirlpool. It reminds me of the concept of the Japanese sitting tubs. And since our bath salts are not oily they won’t clog the jets, so you can luxuriate in an extra therapeutic bathing experience.


    Japanese Bathing How-To


    Read here for the protocol for bathing in a Japanese Bath House. Pictured above is the typical layout of a small indoor hot spring bath.

    Bath in Progress



    At Joyful Bath Co. we take our bath time seriously. That’s why with every order you’ll receive this handy dandy door knob hanger!


    On the reverse side is our Bath Mixology Guide showing ways you can mix and match our signature bath salt blends for a variety of luxurious bathing experiences.

    The 5-Minute Bath

    Okay, here’s my little secret–every morning I take a 5-minute bath! In fact as much as I love baths the majority of my baths never last beyond 15 minutes.


    Here’s my "technique" for the 5-minute bath. Start running the water, pour in your bath salts and go ahead and get in the tub as it is filling up. Make the water as hot as you can take it and fill the tub only half way. When you slide your body down into the water, it should cover only your backside and slightly up over your sides. This allows your chest, belly and tops of legs to be exposed to the air.  (Sometimes I think I look like a frog when I do this.) 


    The skin that is out of the water will be able to breath (respiration) and you will experience a releasing, rejuvenating bath. You will feel the soothing hot water and the cooler air above you. This also helps to regulate your body temperature so that you don’t overheat. You can close your shower curtain or sliding glass doors, if you have them, to keep in the steam. 


    Relax like this for about five minutes and when you’re ready to get up, sit and splash water on the parts of your body that were not submerged. This will be the final cleansing of your skin. Did you know that salt is a natural anti-bacterial so you don’t even have to use soap.


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