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Thyme for Acne

Thyme is now being "rediscovered" by modern medicine as a great herbal remedy for skincare. A Leeds Metropolitan University recently published a clinical study that revealed thyme as an effective remedy for acne. And unlike other acne medicines it doesn’t dry and irritate your skin.


Guess what? Joyful Bath Co. already knew that! That’s why we included it as an important active ingredient in our Mellow Yellow Relieving Bath Soap and Salts. Joyful Bath Co. soaps are gentle for the face and whole body. Our bath salts cleanse and detoxify. So go ahead and find out for yourself!



Giant Eagle Market District

Exciting News:  Joyful Bath Co. products are now available at Giant Eagle Market District stores in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH! And just in time for Mother’s Day! This snap taken at Pine Township – Wexford, PA store.





This is Why

Joyful Bath Co. was created to offer natural bath product that promote the simple joys of life and with emails like this shown below, we know we’re doing our job well. This is why we do what we do.


"I can not thank you enough for my green tea glee soap.  I have it sitting in my soap dish and my bathroom smells so great, and I haven’t even used it yet!  I have muscular dystrophy and am homebound, so I spend my time most days on the computer, trying to win prizes or obtain free product coupons to get something in the mail other than bills and advertisements.  I have a small social security income so a soap from you is a wonderful treat and is very much appreciated.  I am totally delighted with the strong scent and wish candles and diffusers could smell as nice as this soap does.


I will post a thank you on twitter and facebook for others to read, but wanted to express my gratitude to you this way.

Thank you again for doing the twitter giveaway on Wednesdays and I hope your company and products do well."




Warm Holiday Greetings

From all of us at Joyful Bath Co. we wish you and your family a warm and cozy holiday season filled with lots of love, food and of course nice hot baths!



Whole Foods Market



We’ve been very busy over the past couple months getting our all natural bath goodies into Whole Foods Markets in the Mid-Atlantic area! Very exciting news for our customers to have easy access to our products while their shopping for other healthy items. Seen above is a quickie iphone photo from the Whole Foods Market in Rockville, Maryland.  Hope to have a better shot soon!


Thanks for all your support and if you don’t see us on the shelves of your Whole Foods Market, ask someone in the Whole Body department when our bath salts and soaps will be arriving. Your request will help us grow into more and more stores!



Benefits of Taking a Bath

Five Benefits of Taking a Hot Bath—Soak 10 minutes, or more if you’d like!

1. Helps relax muscles—Take a hot bath with mineral-rich bath salts containing Dead Sea and/or Epsom salts, not just sea salt. The magnesium, sulfate and potassium in Dead Sea and Epsom salts are absorbed through the skin and help reduce inflammation that causes sore and stiff muscles. The hot water warms your muscles helping them loosen and relax.
2. Provides aromatherapy—Using a natural bath product scented with pure essential oils helps you relax, uplift mood or recharge depending on the specific essential oil. Products scented with “fragrance” or ”perfume” contain synthetic fragrance and don’t provide this aromatherapy benefit. Lavender essential oil and real vanilla are calming and relaxing scents. Grapefruit and peppermint essential oils help uplift your mood.
3.  Helps promote a good night’s sleep—After you take a hot bath, your body temperature drops helping to prepare you for the sleep state.  Body temperature is lower when sleeping so creating that “sleep signal” can help promote a good night’s sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you manage stress and stay healthy. Natural bath salts that contain lavender essential oil or real vanilla are calming and relaxing.
4.  Helps release toxins caused by stress, etc—Fill the tub only half way with water, enough to cover your sides when you lie back in the tub. Your belly, chest and top of legs will be exposed to the air. Skin breathes so your pores, uncovered by water and opened from the heat, can release toxins helping you maintain general wellness. Natural bath salts that contain ginger root powder or ground yellow mustard seed in addition to Dead Sea, Epsom and sea salts are especially good for detoxing.
5. Provides quiet, meditative time—Taking a hot bath takes you to a place away from your To-Do list. Slide down into the tub and take deep breaths, breathing in and out slowly to the count of three. Three counts in, three counts out, repeat a few times. Let you mind and body rest.
Note:  Best to use all natural products in your bath. Products that contain synthetic fragrance, perfume or bubbles can irritate and throw off a woman’s “feminine balance”.  Use products that contain salts since they are naturally anti-bacterial and typically aren’t irritating.


Bath Salts for Summer

Read what Spa Magazine has to say about the Joyful Bath Co. line in "Bath Salts for Summer". And remember you can also use bath salts to soak your tootsies to keep those feet soft and sandal ready! Mellow Yellow has anti-fungal properties and Green Tea Glee is oh-so-pepperminty!



Find Your Bath Blend

Are you a beach bunny? A wilderness explorer? A weekend warrior? Or poolside lounger? Check out Healing Lifestyles & Spas!



Facebook Fun

LIKE us on Facebook and join our Facebook Fun! Once a week we’ll be hosting a Facebook game and giving away FREE bath salts and/or soap! This is a great way for those of you who miss Twitter #Bathday to win FREE goodies too!



Alfalfa’s Market

Joyful Bath Co. products available at Alfalfa’s Market at 1651 Broadway, Boulder, CO. Look for their Grand Opening on Earth Day April 22, 2011. People in Boulder are looking forward to shopping at their Alfalfa’s again! YAY! Read more from Boulder Daily Camera.




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