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Monthly Archive for October, 2009

World Bank MMMF Scholarships



Joyful Bath Co. will be at the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund International Arts & Crafts Fair. The proceeds from this event help women in developing countries. If you’re in DC, please stop in and say hello. It’s a great time to start your holiday shopping with a lot of unique gifts and sales benefit a good cause!





Curly is pretty famous around the National Naval Medical Center. Everyone knows Curly! He always makes sure he stops by to say hello and have some fun. Last time I was there, he bought some Mellow Yellow to use as a foot soak and I told him I wanted a full report next time I was there as a vendor.


This morning he told me how much he loves the Mellow Yellow. And today he became our official Mellow Yellow Relieving Bath Salts poster child! Here’s Curly in his superstar pose ready to buy another jar. If you don’t know Curly, you should.


Fair Trade


What makes business Fair Trade? My friend, Jacqueline DeCarlo and I love to banter about this subject. I keep trying to convince her that Joyful Bath Co. meets the criteria of a Fair Trade business. We’re a small "cottage" business–we have an office in Bethesda but part of our operations spill over into my house. We often hire neighborhood moms and their teenage kids to help with various production, we pay fair wages and are socially responsible with eco-friendly, hand-made products. Doesn’t this sound like Fair Trade to you?


Jackie says, "No" and since she’s an expert on Fair Trade, she always wins the debate! After all, she’s written a book titled, "Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide" (you can buy it on Amazon) and she travels across the country and around the world speaking on Fair Trade and working with Fair Trade businesses. Her latest blog post offers some valuable points about Fair Trade and asks the question, "What Makes Business Fair Trade?" Check it out.


October 2009 Yoga Magazine




South Silver Spring Block Party



Here’s our booth at the South Silver Spring Block Party on October 3, 2009.