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Monthly Archive for August, 2009




Read this review of Joyful Bath Co. bath salts over at

Main Street Cafe



Binta, the cashier at the Main Street Cafe at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD, has greeted me every morning with her very pleasant self!


Yesterday morning, after ringing up my hard boiled egg, cottage cheese and coffee, she told me that my food was FREE. Every once in a while a Navy Commander gives Binta an extra $20.00 and tells her to pay for the next people that come through until it runs out. What a nice way to start an early Monday!


Chef Devin Alexander

Check out Celebrity Chef Devin Alexander’s website and read what she has to say about Joyful Bath Co.’s bath salts!





Navy Fun



How can you possibly resist a Navy sailor rubber duck–they’re just too cute to pass by. These two sailors couldn’t and they weren’t the only ones–we sold out by the end of the week. What fun these guys were to pose for a photo!


Navy Exchange



Here we are set up at Main Street at the National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda Naval Hospital). We’re meeting a lot of great people and having a good time. Folks are loving the Perfect Bath Bucket and the Man Bath Bucket with the Navy sailor and other military ducks as well as the "Duck Combos" which are the large jar and theme duck wrapped in cello with a raffia ribbon. (Not yet available online.)


In August, we’ll be there the weeks of August 10th and 24th. As soon as we know our future schedule, we’ll post it.


Sprained Ankle


Here’s a letter from Tiza Garrett–Ventura, CA–who received a Bath Variety Six Pack from her father:


"I wanted to let you know that recently we put your bath salts to use for soaking an injured ankle. We aren’t big bath people but, when someone suggested soaking the ankle in Epsom salts to quicken recovery, well, I thought of your bath salts.


My son, Jordan, had the twisted ankle (doing fine, thanks), and I noticed he especially liked the Ginger Snap mix. He specifically asked about it’s ingredients and commented a couple times on its aroma. Each day he’d get out a metal wash bucket, fill it with hot water and try a different mix.


Thought we’d give you some customer feed-back on another use for your wonderful salts. Thanks again."