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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

In Touch Giveaway



In Touch Weekly "Today’s Win It" is the Buzz Girls: "Confessions of a Shopaholic" DVD release gift bag. The same bag given to a select group of LA guests at the exclusive DVD release party! The gift bag includes beauty products from great brands like Joyful Bath Co. Sign up for your chance to win!


The Buzzworthy Bag


Joyful Bath Co.’s Citrus Buzz Refreshing Bath Salts were recently included in The Buzzworthy Bag given to a select group of LA guests at the recent DVD release party for the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic".


Thanks to Touchstone Home Entertainment and The Buzz Girls, Allure Magazine’s is now giving away one of these exclusive Buzzworthy Bags full of great beauty goodies and the DVD! Sign up for your chance to win $1,100 worth of products from Joyful Bath Co., Clinique, Neutrogena, OPI, Kenneth Cole, Prive and more! 


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Our signature luxurious bath salts are based on the healing powers of the ocean and inspired by bathing rituals and remedies from around the world. Natural ingredients including mineral-rich salts from the Mediterranean and Dead Seas mix with honey, buttermilk, ginger root, green tea, oats, coconut milk and pure essential oils.
No synthetic fragrances. No parabens or preservatives. No artificial colors or dyes. No animal testing. Pure, natural and healing–for men and women.
Available in the following blends made to use straight up or mixed: Citrus Buzz, Ginger Snap, Green Tea Glee, Mellow Yellow, ‘Nilla Buttermilk and Oatsy Floatsie.

Yoga Magazine




Hot off the press, the July issue of Yoga Magazine features Joyful Bath Co.’s Citrus Buzz Refreshing Bath Salts in What’s Hot Summer Beauty!


Give Yourself A Citrus Buzz!


We love summer! But sun and heat can play havoc on your skin and your psyche. The remedy? Joyful Bath Co.’s Citrus Buzz. No matter whether you’ve battled a steamy commute or were frolicking in the surf and sand, after a long day, nothing soothes a heat weary soul better than a bath. This mineral rich medley of Mediterranean and Dead Sea salts, combined with pink grapefruit essential oil refreshes and uplifts your spirit while honey powder softens and cleanses sun drenched skin.


Close the door, fill the tub and linger as long as you like because these handmade bath salts contain nothing but healthy, natural good for you ingredients. There are no synthetic fragrances, preservatives, artificial colors or parabens, and never any animal testing. Not just for ladies, guys like them too!


Also available in Ginger Snap, Green Tea Glee, MellowYellow, ‘Nilla Buttermilk and Oatsy Floatsie, prices range from $5.00-$23.00 and come with a special “Shhhhhh, quiet please. Bath in progress” doorknob hanger, so you’re never disturbed! For more, visit


New Photos

Preview of one of our sexy new photos by photographer, Jim Sloane! Yay, I love it!  Oooh-la-la! Stay tuned for more good stuff to come.


Father’s Day Gift



Men love baths too! And we have the best Father’s Day gift ever! Here’s our Man Bath Bucket–the man version of our Perfect Bath Bucket.  


Teacher Appreciation

We’ve been filling orders for Teacher Appreciation Gifts and are excited to know that there are going to be a lot of happy, relaxed teachers out there. When the school year ends, those hard working teachers who put up with all the kids shanagans will finally have the time to linger in the tub and rejuvenate for next year! Joyful Bath Co. would like to thank all the teachers out there for the wonderful work that you do!