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Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Bath in Progress



At Joyful Bath Co. we take our bath time seriously. That’s why with every order you’ll receive this handy dandy door knob hanger!


On the reverse side is our Bath Mixology Guide showing ways you can mix and match our signature bath salt blends for a variety of luxurious bathing experiences.

Indie Beauty Network

I almost forgot to toot my own horn–read my interview by Donna Maria for the Indie Beauty Network newsletter.

Administrative Professionals Day

Don’t forget to give the Administrative Professionals in your office the appreciation they deserve! Our luxurious, therapeutic bath salt blends sure do say thank you!


Order now! April 19-25 is Administrative Professionals Week with Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, April 22.


Our bath salt blends were a big hit with all the doctors and other professionals that ordered Bath Variety Six Packs for the gals and guys in their offices!

Mother’s Day Gift



Our Perfect Bath Bucket is the perfect Mother’s Day gift complete with pampering AND practicality! This 4 qt. galvanized metal bucket is full of bath goodness containing three of our 8-10 oz. bath salt blends that you can mix and match for the ultimate variety of luxurious baths. The bucket can be used to store your bath supplies, the kids toys– or sit it next to the tub to chill your wine as you soothe and smooth. Aah. Yes. This Perfect Bath Bucket is a must have for all moms!


Just Duckie



Just opened our shipment of rubber duckies and we can’t help but smile!


Read here about a shipment of 29,000 rubber ducks on their way from Hong Kong to the US in 1992 that never quite made it. Scientists decided to use the mishap to track their journey to help in the study of the ocean’s currents. Fifteen years later they started landing on the shores of the UK. The ducks are coming, the ducks are coming! 


Not sure if there are still any ducks floating around out there but we’re very happy our ducks are safe.

Easter Bath Bucket



How cute is this! Our Perfect Bath Bucket comes with three 8-10 oz. jars of our luxurious bath salt blends complete with classic yellow  rubber duckie. All wrapped up in a 4 qt. very practical galvanized metal bucket–can be used as an ice bucket or just about anything!


Our "Easter" "Perfect Bath Bucket (pictured above) has an adorable Easter duckie–an Easter "Basket" with all the indulgence and none of the calories! How scrumptious is that!


For Mother’s Day our "Perfect Bath Bucket" also includes a door hanger sign that reads, "Shhhh. Quiet Please. Bath in Progress." We want to make sure you give mom the precious "Me Time" she so deserves!


Gravy Bath Salts



Coming soon! Deliciously soothing Gravy Bath Salts available in turkey, pork, chicken and brown. Mmmmm good!