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Monthly Archive for December, 2008

Happy End of 08!

Wishing you all the best for the last few days of 2008! Have you been thinking about any New Year’s resolutions? Here’s some info from The Goals Guy if you’d like to read more about achieving your goals in the new year!

Dead Sea

Dead Sea salts are one of the therapeutic ingredients in our luxurious bath salts. To learn more about the Dead Sea:

Stone Bathtubs

Wow–check out these beauties–I want one!

Have a joyful holiday!

"Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” –Mother Teresa 

Bathing in Bath



Bath England contains what has been called the best preserved religious spa from the ancient world.  Check out Taking a Bath in Roman England from  

Twitter Group

Do you tweet? Come join our Did you take a bath today? twittgroup!

Bath Biz Breakfast




Le Croissant, a terrific place! I ate breakfast there every morning in San Rafael, CA when I attended The Nova Studio’s Bath & Body Business Bootcamp in September 2008. Here are Erika and Jennie, the lovely gals who work there that served up a delicious jumbo cup of joe and amazing pastry. I had fun sitting at the counter with the regulars!



And here are the pastries I ate every day–baked on premises. Oh my, oh my–breakfast of champions after a wonderful morning jog along the bay. Ooh maybe I should get one FedEx’d to Maryland but I’m not sure I could choose between the humongous fruit danish, cinnamon roll or chocolate croissant! I love pastries AND baths!

Bath Mixology

For an extra soothing, smoothing and luxuriating bath, try mixing ‘Nilla Buttermilk with Oatsy Floatsie. Great for wintertime dry skin.